Cutting Tool Applications

Multi Profile Cutters

Our multi profile head design is available in 40mm, 50mm, and 60mm, wide to meet the variation of profiles and versatility of the ever changing designs and styles acceptable to today's customer.

Rosette Tooling

Repeatable profiles, minimized sanding, no burning or tear out, this is the criteria we design into our Rosette Tooling. This tooling takes the plunge to nicely finish your woodworking project.

Raised Panel Tooling

This tooling raises the profile without raising the wood grain. When sanding is difficult or impossible, this raised panel tooling rises to the occasion. Available with and without face shear.

Spiral Surfacing Heads

Spiral Surfacing Head design breaks up the chip requiring less horsepower to operate while providing quiet operation.

Stile and Rail - Tongue and Groove - Mating Profiles

Whether individual or stacked cutter sets, H3D tooling provides the shape to distinguish your product look and fit from the others.

Carbide Saw Blades

Carbide Tipped Saw Blades available from all of the major saw blade manufacturers. We also custom manufacture

Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond Saw blades are available for solid surface, panel saw main and score, post forming and other applications.

Hogger Tooling

Sometimes it's all about making chips.


Shaping Tools for most foiling operations


Tennon Tooling available in Carbide Tipped and Insert with Staggered and Spiral Type designs with Edge Trim Blade

Moulder Tooling

We are a Weinig Authorized tooling supplier. For Corrugated back knife, brazed and insert carbide, and diamond tipped tooling, call H3D Tool Corp.

Tool for making shapes

When the shape is important, when the concept you envision needs to become reality, H3D Tool Corp. can create the tooling necessary to help your project take shape.

CNC Routers

Get it done faster, with a cleaner edge, and long tool life. That was the challenge of the marketplace.

CNC Profile Routers

Custom dedicated tools for a specific job or pattern, H3D will provide superior tooling for today's production focused CNC operator. For woodworking and solid surface, High Speed Machines require High Accuracy tooling for cutting and shaping.

T-Slot Tooling

T-Slot Tooling is available in both extrusion insert and non-insert styles.

Edge Band Tooling

The H3D advantage on edge band tooling is that our design is typically fully resharpenable verses the competition's disposable or semi-disposable tool.

V-Groove Tooling

As the innovator of V-Groove tooling and technology in the 1960's, no one knows more about V-Grooving than H3D. Carbide Tipped, Insert or Diamond, we can help you decide the best tool for your individual requirements.

Saw Blades

Diamond and Carbide Tipped blades are available for most applications. Not sure is diamond will work for you? Call us and one of our applications specialists can work with you to determine the best tool for your application.

Door Edge & Raised Panel Profiles

We give you the edge over your competition.

MDF Door Tooling

Complex profiles require expert tool designs to achieve the desired look on the cabinet.